Sandbox Assignment

Choose a country. On the Internet find a webpage with facts and information about the country. . You will add information on this country to your “Sandbox” wiki page.

1. YouTube

Find two videos from YouTube and add to your page.

2. Voki

Go to Voki.
You will need to register to create an account.
Write your login information on your login sheet including the URL of Voki.
Use the "Text to Speech" under "Give It a Voice".
When finished, use the embed code and "Other" category under Widgets.

3. Current Time

Go to following website and put in Widget of Central Standard Time. (can be either analog or digital)

4. Weather in Devils Lake

The website below will give you embed code for the weather in Devils Lake.
Default is Celcius so be sure to choose Fahrenheit.

5. Google Map of Washington DC

View Larger Map

The website below will take you to Google Maps.
At the top of the page, click the Link button.
In the box that opens, click Customize and Preview Embedded Map
Choose Medium size and your choice of either Map or Satellite